2018 Latin American Economic & Political Outlook

  • Linda Calvet from Andean American Associations and Jose Enrique Arrioja from Bloomberg News

John Leguizamo’s broadway show- Latin History for Morons

  • Esteban Perez, Linda Calvet-Executive Secretary, John Leguizamo, Manuela Arango, Yvette Zapata and Sofia Tong-Andean American Associations.

Venezuela: 17 Years Disregarding the Constitution ~ What to Expect?

  • Fernando Rodriguez – Pillsbury, Allan Brewer-Carias - Baumeister & Brewer, and Ana Julia Jatar - El Planeta Media.

New Economic and Political Developments in Venezuela

  • Maria Rosa Baquerizo – CEO of Andean American Associations, Simon Whistler - Control Risks and Ricardo Penfold-Goldman Sachs


What a Trump Presidency Means for Latin America

  • Oliver Wack - Control Risk, Kathy Bostjancic - Oxford Economics, Joseph Owens - Pillsbury and Carolina Fornos Pillsbury

Latin American Leadership Award

  • Juana Caicedo-Selinger- President of EAA-Lourdes Jordan, Christian Murne - PanAmerican Capital Partners, Juana Caicedo-Selinger- President of EAA, UBS Ecuadorean American, Lourdes Jordan - Venezuelan American Association of the U.S., Christian Murrle - PanAmerican Capital Partners, H.E. Luis Almagro - Organization of American States, Maria Rosa Baquerizo - CEO of EAA


2017 Latin American Economic Outlook

  • Carlos Ivan Lopez - Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Andrew Quale - Sidley Austin LLP, Jose Antonio Ocampo - Columbia University and Amb. Luis Gallegos - United Nations Institute of Training and Research.

XVI Annual Spain & Latin America Networking Event, August 31


Venezuela’s Pivotal Moment: Economic and Political Scenarios

Update on the Crises in Venezuela

March 2nd. XV Spain & Latin America Networking Event