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A Comprehensive Look at The Impact of COVID-19 in The Andean Region

We were honored to have Dr. Jose A. Ocampo, Diego Macera, Russ Dallen, and Walter Spurrier Baquerizo as our speakers for this webinar. Moderated by Dr. Alejo Czerwonko,  the discussion covered the pandemic's effect on the economic and social outlook.

"Where Chaos 



Screening, Panel discussion, Networking event

An award-winning short film by Braulio Jatar and Anaïs Michel about the Venezuelan migration crisis.

The Future of Venezuela's Oil Industry

Speaker Program

An Outlook from Luis A. Pacheco, President of the Board Ad Hoc of PDVSA.


A Conversation with Lester Toledo

Speaker Program

International Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela.


Summer Networking Happy Hour 

A Fundraiser for Venezuela

Cultural and Networking event

Proceeds went directly to Cuatro Por Venezuela Foundation


Venezuela in 2019: Political and Economic Outlook

Business Program

On Tuesday Dec. 4 we had an important panel of experts: Alejandro Grisanti (straight from Caracas), Russ Dallen, Douglas Barrios and Luisa Palacios.

They discussed what could be in store for Venezuela's economic and political future.


The Collapse of Venezuela

Speaker Program

This was an open discussion with the speakers Economist and Professor Steve Hanke, Professor Richard Nephew and Moderator Latin American Economist Alejandro Arreaza, about the latest U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, its hyperinflation, and an economic meltdown that has spiraled the country into an unprecedented crisis with global impact.

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